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Issue 01
Why Product Purity is So Important
The single most important service that owners of chemical and product tankers can provide for their customers is the delivery of cargoes in the same state as when they were first loaded.
In essence, we are talking about ensuring product purity. Many factors can possibly affect purity, but probably the most important consideration is specifying the right cargo tank coating or material to prevent the absorption of chemical cargoes and then transmission into subsequent cargoes.

Outside Testing Demonstrates Excellent MarineLine® 784 Performance
MarineLine 784An independent study investigated the cargo handling and tank cleaning capabilities of stainless steel and various cargo tank coatings including phenolic epoxy, high solids epoxy, zinc silicate, and MarineLine® 784 from Advanced Polymer Coatings.
The study illustrated that…
  • of all the lining materials, MarineLine® 784 and stainless steel behaved almost the same and these were superior to all other coatings.
  • when comparing MarineLine® 784 against other coatings, it was apparent MarineLine® 784 did not seem to absorb penetrative chemical cargoes, nor did it allow viscous oil based cargoes to stick to its surface, thus possessing the advantages of both organic and inorganic coatings. Separately, however, zinc silicate coating did retain viscous cargoes and organic coatings did retain solvent cargoes.
Performance Study
A sample chemical comparison of Styrene Monomer from the study illustrates that MarineLine® 784
had the best results. For a copy of this complete study, contact APC.

Overall Study Conclusions Show that MarineLine® 784…
  1. provides significantly quicker cleaning from oil based cargoes compared to zinc silicate
  2. does not have the problems associated with organic coatings from having to remove absorbed cargoes
  3. reduces the need for tank cleaning chemicals, lowers tank cleaning costs and has much less environmental impact
  4. has significantly less risk of contaminating subsequent cargoes because there are no retained residues
Study Results

In other tests certified or performed by DNV, Verway Labs and other independent labs, this chart presents commonly carried chemical cargoes, and illustrates the high level of purity maintained. Also shown on the APC website.
Contact APC

For more information on MarineLine® 784 cargo tank coating, contact Advanced Polymer Coatings or visit the APC website marine page.

Look for more topics of interest on Marine Cargo Tank Coatings in coming months from Advanced Polymer Coatings.

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