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Issue #100 August 3, 2023

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New Appointments APC


We are pleased to announce four remarkable additions to our Advanced Polymer Coatings Team. Each individual brings a wealth of talent, expertise, and passion to our team, bolstering our commitment to staying at the forefront of research and development and reinforcing our dedication to providing industry-leading coating solutions and services to our valued customers. Join us in extending a warm welcome to these outstanding professionals.


  • Logan Hendrix, EHS & QMS Coordinator

    Logan Hendrix, a native of Richmond, KY, spent his formative years in the region before pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Health Science from Eastern Kentucky University. His educational background gave him a strong foundation in understanding the interplay between environmental factors and human health.

    After completing his undergraduate studies, Logan joined Owens Corning as an Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) intern. Recognizing his potential and dedication, he quickly advanced to the role of EHS Specialist. In this capacity, Logan assumed the crucial responsibility of overseeing the well-being and safety of over 500 employees within the EHS department.

    With his experience at Owens Corning, Logan pursued further opportunities and transitioned to Amazon, where he took on the role of an on-site Warehouse Health and Safety Specialist. In this role, he played a pivotal part in safeguarding the well-being of employees working in the warehouse environment. Logan meticulously monitored and enforced safety protocols, conducted training sessions, and implemented measures to mitigate potential hazards.

    Logan recently joined APC back in March as the EHS and Quality Management Systems (QMS) Coordinator. This position allows him to combine his environmental health science expertise and his EHS management experience. In his role at APC, Logan takes charge of various essential tasks, including safety training programs, creating and implementing OSHA-mandated programs and policies, incident investigation, incident reporting, and ensuring compliance with regulatory laws.

    As the EHS and QMS Coordinator, Logan is critical in maintaining a safe and compliant work environment at APC. He conducts safety training sessions to educate employees about potential hazards and best practices. Additionally, he collaborates with cross-functional teams to develop and implement comprehensive safety programs that align with OSHA guidelines and industry standards.


  • Andrew Kosek, ISO Tank Key Accounts Manager

    Andrew Kosek, our new ISO Key Accounts Manager— is an adaptable and self-motivated professional with a wealth of sales experience and a proven track record of cultivating strong relationships with diverse stakeholders.

    Born in Washington, PA, Andrew's career journey has been marked by remarkable achievements and milestones. He previously worked as a Sales Representative at Formerra, where he spearheaded developing, managing, and expanding an extensive multi-million-dollar business portfolio across various Formerra businesses and solutions. Andrew's commitment to customer satisfaction was evident in his dedication to assisting customers through the new material qualification process, ensuring they received their materials promptly.

    Before that, Andrew served as an Inside Sales Representative at Applied Maintenance Supplies & Solutions, demonstrating his expertise in identifying and cultivating new and existing customers for diverse products. His hard work and dedication earned him the prestigious "2020 Inside Sales Rep of the Year."

    With such an impressive background, Andrew Kosek is undoubtedly well-equipped to take on the ISO Key Accounts Manager role. His expertise, passion, and proven ability to drive sales and foster lasting relationships make him a valuable addition to the ChemLINE® Sales Team. Global Industrial Manager Jake Valdez states, 'We are excited to welcome Andrew and look forward to the positive impact he will bring to our organization's growth and the continued future of success promoting our ChemLINE® Brand within the tank container industry.'


  • Jenna Wagner, R&D Chemist
    We are thrilled to welcome Jenna Wagner to the Advanced Polymer Coatings Team as R&D Chemist. Jenna's academic journey and unwavering passion for science have uniquely positioned her to make groundbreaking contributions in her new role.

    Jenna's academic achievements commenced at The Ohio State University, where she earned her B.S. in Chemistry with a minor in Philosophy in 2021. Her commitment to excellence led her to pursue further academic heights, completing her M.S. in Chemistry at the prestigious University of Akron in 2023. Notably, Jenna's master's thesis, "Electronic Studies into Silver(III) N-Confused Tetraphenylporphyrin," is a testament to her dedication and expertise, showcasing her profound impact in the field of chemistry under the mentorship of the esteemed Dr. Christopher J. Ziegler.

    Now, as a pivotal member of the R&D team at APC, Jenna is exhilarated to apply her profound knowledge and skills to drive the development of cutting-edge polymer coatings. Her insatiable curiosity and steadfast determination to expand her understanding of scientific principles make her a true asset to our esteemed research team.

    With her innovative mindset and unwavering dedication to the pursuit of scientific excellence, Jenna Wagner is poised to make meaningful strides in polymer coatings, contributing significantly to Advanced Polymer Coatings' continued success and advancement.


  • Morgan Worthley, MarineLINE® Technical Service Chemist

    Morgan Worthley, our new MarineLINE® Technical Service Chemist, is a highly adaptable, hardworking, and determined individual with a passion for chemistry. Morgan's professional journey has been characterized by a strong interest in research and development and production positions, which has allowed her to expand her knowledge in the realm of chemistry continuously.  

    Morgan brings valuable expertise from previous roles at Nippon Paint and PPG, where she honed her skills and demonstrated exceptional capabilities in various aspects of the chemistry industry.

    Morgan graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Cleveland State University in 2019. During her academic journey, she gained a solid foundation in chemistry principles, setting the stage for her future success as a MarineLINE®

    One of Morgan's notable strengths lies in her laboratory knowledge, which allows her to navigate complex experiments and analyses. Her organizational skills ensure that tasks are efficiently managed, and her communication prowess fosters effective team collaboration. Moreover, Morgan possesses a sharp eye for data analysis, enabling her to derive meaningful insights crucial for making informed decisions.

    As a MarineLINE® Technical Service Chemist, Morgan is eager to contribute her expertise to our team and play a significant role in advancing our marine coatings solutions. With her dedication and proficiency, Morgan is sure to make valuable contributions to our company's mission and future endeavors. We welcome Morgan as a pivotal team member and look forward to achieving new heights in cutting-edge marine chemistry.  


ChemLINE® and MarineLINE® are leading edge tank coating solutions for industrial and maritime applications. For more information, contact a member of our sales team today.