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Issue #92 March 29, 2023

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Yes, ChemLINE® is a high-performance coating system designed to withstand high temperatures. The exact temperature range that ChemLINE® can resist depends on the specific formulation of the lining, but some ChemLINE® coatings can withstand temperatures up to 400°F (204°C).

The high-temperature resistance of ChemLINE® makes it particularly well-suited for use in applications with elevated temperatures, such as in transporting hot liquids, gases, and slurries in rail tank cars.

 Tank Car Loading


Suppose loading (and unloading) at high temperatures is a regular occurrence in your operation. Using quality linings is crucial in that case since high temperatures can negatively affect a tank lining.

Exposing rail tank car linings to high temperatures can cause them to degrade and break down over time, leading to cracking, blistering, or delamination. This will compromise the integrity of the lining.

Also, certain chemicals carried in rail tank cars can react with one another when exposed to high heat and pressure, leading to corrosion or other damage to the lining as well as contamination of the contents of the rail car.

It's important to note that the performance of any lining can be affected by factors such as exposure time, pressure, and the specific chemicals and temperatures involved. Therefore, it's essential to consult APC's Technical Team to determine whether ChemLINE® is appropriate for a particular high-temperature application.

Through proper maintenance and regular inspection intervals with our highly trained coating specialists, ChemLINE® customers see many years of profitable service in even the most aggressive of service conditions. 


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