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Issue #83 September 6, 2022

Imagineering Discovery


Great question.

Originally pitched as a marketing strategy in the early 2000s, Advanced Polymer Coatings branded RaiLINE to specifically target the rail industry while keeping the availability to branch out into a broader scope of specialty coatings as the market warranted. Other brandings, such as PowerLINE, followed the same notion as the demand for a highly protective coating system continued to grow within other areas of industry. However, to eliminate brand confusion, the line branding was also discontinued as well.

Through the years, the patented polymer technology that drives our coatings systems has remained essentially the same; however, improvements in the quality of raw materials sourced and a partnership with our resin producers have continued to push the brand further in terms of sheer quality. The strategy, however, shifted course to focus on tank linings entirely. Our polymer technology ensures consistent and reliable protection, showing long lifespans of cargo tanks and transportation vessels year in and year out.

As customers have dictated, our coating catalog narrowed to offering just two different brands: ChemLINE® and its sub-line of specialty coatings for the industrial markets and MarineLINE®, which focuses solely on the marine market.

The essence of our practices here at Advanced Polymer Coatings revolves around our consistent and continual strive for constant improvement. Pushing the limits of our technology allows our existing customers enhanced corrosion protection to run extended, profitable operations while also leaving room for new customers who may desire a unique source of protection for their niche business operations.

If you're looking for a quality coating solution that meets your transportation or storage needs, ChemLINE® and MarineLINE® by Advanced Polymer Coatings will surely not disappoint. We pride our technology on the vast number of chemicals and commodities we resist and industry-leading absorption/desorption characteristics resulting in faster, more efficient cleaning practices.

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