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Issue #88 January 26, 2023

Imagineering Discovery



This is a great question and, honestly, one that we get quite a bit.

Simple answer: YES, ChemLINE® HS (High Solids)HS

ChemLINE® HS operates off the same great technology that drives the rest of the ChemLINE® brand of products, giving the coating exceptional toughness, superior bonding qualities, maximum versatility, and so much more. 

When applying ChemLINE® HS with plural component spray equipment, the quick turnaround of the one-coat application produces ½ the labor of a two-coat system, saving the customer tens of thousands of dollars in reduced application costs while also keeping more money in their pockets from potential downtime with the fast turnaround time.

Most importantly, the product possesses incredibly low absorption qualities, ensuring no cross-contamination if stored commodities need to be switched out. The non-permeable quality of our ChemLINE® HS lining makes it extremely easy to clean, and the lining is also FDA-Compliant and BPA-Free, which has been the driving force behind its traction in the F&B Industry. 



We had a coating application specialist place an order for a large quantity of ChemLINE® HS in preparation for coating the inside of a rather large storage tank. The tank belongs to a major player in the Food & Beverage Industry – specifically, the juice industry.

We’re eager to share the full details of the task as the customer will see their one-million-gallon juice storage tank covered with ChemLINE® HS in the upcoming months.


In Conclusion...

If you need a one-coat application that boasts a myriad of special characteristics that can save you more money in the long run, ChemLINE® HS can get the job done. For more information on the product, click here.


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