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Independent Tests

Independent analysis of how APC coatings handle various liquid cargoes for chemical resistance, cargo absorption, and ease of cleanability

BAM Testing of Corrosion Resistance of ChemLINE® 784 in Chloro Acetylic Chloride at 55 deg. C

This test is related to the evaluation of corrosion resistance of delivered specimens coated with ChemLINE® 784 in chloro acetylic chloride at 55 deg. C according to DIN 50905 and DIN 6601 and of possible changes of coating properties according to DIN EN ISO 2178, DIN ISO 4624 and following DIN EN ISO 10308. Exposure tests have not shown any significant corrosion effects or corrosion relevant changes of the coating. Therefore the tested coating IS CORROSION-RESISTANT in the investigated medium at 55 deg. C

An Independent Technical Report on MarineLINE® for the Suitability of MarineLINE® for Cargo Tank Coatings

By Anticorrosion Service, del dott. Norbert Ackermann

MarineLINE® Product Purity of 11 Different Cargoes Tested

Tests Certified or Performed by DNV, Verway Labs and Other Independent Labs

Test Results

Laboratory Testing to Determine Chemical Resistance Characteristics of a Coating Material

Test Results

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