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Profitable Tanker

Advanced Polymer Coatings is making a bold statement in 2014. “APC wants to go beyond just providing the innovative MarineLine cargo tank coating for chemical and product tankers. We want to show shipowners and operators how to properly care for and maintain their MarineLine cargo tank coating in order to provide many years of profitable service through a new after sales service program.” Learn more.

ChemLine® Enewsletter
Preventing Corrosion

At the Petkim refinery in Turkey, the facility experienced corrosion issues with its external piping. The piping had been previously coated with an epoxy. Petkim asked APC/MarineLine Turkiye for a better solution. ChemLine® 784/32 was recommended to protect the outside of the pipe from the various environmental elements. Learn more.

MARINELINE® Cargo Tank Coating Announces News At SMM 2014

The MarineLine® 784 cargo tank coating system from Advanced Polymer Coatings (APC), used worldwide on chemical and product tankers to transport a wide range of liquid cargoes, is making news at SMM 2014, the world’s leading maritime industry trade fair. Learn more.


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