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Excellent chemical resistance, high functionality, two component low temperature cure polymer coating. ChemLINE® 784 is a high functionality, two component thermoset polymer coating. When cured, the ChemLINE® 784 high cross-link density is unlike other coatings. ChemLINE® 784 delivers significantly improved product performance and anti-corrosion resistance. 

Highly chemically resistant, high functionality, two component high temperature cure polymer coating, with high cure.

Static dissipating, chemically resistant, high functionality, two component low temperature cure polymer coating.

FDA (GRAS) two component low temperature cure polymer coating for wine and spirits tanks.

High solids, 1 or 2 coats, chemically resistant two component low temperature cure polymer coating.

Flexible, thermal cycling resistance and chemically resistant two component high temperature cure polymer coating.

Temperature dissipating, chemically resistant, two component high temperature cure polymer coating.

Abrasion and chemically resistant two component low temperature cure polymer coating.

Abrasion and highly chemically resistant two component high temperature cure polymer coating.

Applications & Markets

High Performance Coatings Specialized for Industrial Applications



Chemical Processing & Wastewater

Secondary Containment & Flooring

Storage Terminals

Power Generation

Pulp & Paper




We have engineered a range of ChemLINE® coatings to handle the needs of the transportation industry for protective tank linings that can also handle the rigors of transport. These linings are ideal for over-the-road trailers, tank containers (ISO), rail tank and hopper cars, as well as inland marine vessels carrying a wide range of chemicals worldwide.



The petrochemical industry has demanding needs for protective linings and coatings that can safeguard a wide range of storage and processing equipment, while also handling leaks and spills on the surrounding concrete flooring, pits and secondary containment areas. APC’s range of ChemLINE® coatings are suited to protect virtually all areas of petrochemical and refining facilities from strong acids, solvents, caustics and other chemicals.


Chemical Processing & Wastewater

Chemical processing operations require coatings and linings that protect steel and concrete in severe environments. ChemLINE® has a number of solutions formulated for these processing and wastewater treatment needs with a tough polymer-based structure that resists a wide range of chemicals to deliver exceptional protection and long-term service. ChemLINE® is ideal for tanks, clarifiers, flocculation basins, neutralization chambers, concrete containment, etc.


Secondary Containment & Flooring

ChemLINE® coatings and linings are protecting concrete floors and secondary containment areas worldwide against aggressive chemicals and other liquids. These products encompass a wide range of applications for clean rooms, processing operations, vaults, pits, splash & spill areas, and food & beverage production facilities.


Storage Terminals

ChemLINE® linings are used for all types of storage tanks and vessels. They are known as the best high-performance lining system for resisting aggressive chemical exposures, including strong acids, alkalis, gases, solvents and oxidizers. These linings provide superior bond strength and adhesion to metal substrates and are virtually non-permeable, minimizing cargo absorption and assuring purity of the stored chemicals.


Power Generation

ChemLINE® high performance coatings offer corrosion protection in many industrial applications and are particularly suited for the Power Generation Industry. The Power industry’s high temperature and high corrosion resistance requirements cause many traditional coatings to crack, flake off and degrade under tough operating conditions. ChemLINE® coatings however, are formulated with unique, patented polymer technology that creates high cross-linking to overcome these problems. ChemLINE® coatings are extremely durable, withstanding abusive and demanding environments in FGD systems, scrubbers, stacks, ducts, chimneys, spray towers and fans.


Pulp & Paper

Pulp & paper producers require high anti-corrosion protection against acids and other harsh chemicals used in processing, production, and finishing processes such as digesters, black liquor tanks, bleaching, and more. ChemLINE® coatings are based on a proprietary formulation using a patented polymer to create high crosslinking capability. These tough coatings do not degrade in abusive chemical environments and are excellent for all types of processing equipment and associated flooring and containment areas.



ChemLINE® protective coatings are specified for mining and ore processing equipment, acid tanks and other areas that are subject to high abrasion, erosion, and corrosion. ChemLINE®’s tough, durable and chemically resistant features are well-suited to handle the rigors of the demanding applications in the mining industry.

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