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Triple Hybrid Technology

TriFLEX™ utilizes a triple hybrid resin technology to achieve outstanding weather resistance, color and gloss retention, and mechanical performance. 

Resin #1

Combining with a Polyurethane Resin, TriFLEX™ gains improved chemical resistance, UV stability, and weather resistance, ensuring your rolling stock maintains its appearance for an extended period.

Resin #2

TriFLEX™'s Poylaspartic Resin offers an industry-leading dry time, enabling substantial cost savings and getting you back in service faster.

Resin #3

To complete the formulation, a unique blend of polymer resins is added, providing TriFLEX™ with an advanced level of impact and corrosion resistance. This blend also enhances flexibility, ensuring your rail cars remain protected regardless of the climate they encounter.

  • Field Trial White Tank Car TX
  • TriFLEX Tank Car Black
  • TriFLEX Hopper Car
  • TriFLEX Hopper Car 2
  • TriFLEX Hopper Car 3
  • TriFLEX Tank Car 2


Return to Service, Faster.

Recent TriFLEX™ Field Trials showcased the product's advanced formula, which provides an easy ambient-cured DTM solution for rail tank and hopper cars and other rolling stock.

“Easiest and most successful first field trial, I have experienced in the last 20 years”
“This coating will definitely increase our through put, I would like to see more of it here.”
“I love the way it sprays, easy to hit spec’d millage.”
Recent Rail Shop Owners and Applicators
US Field Trial Applications

Product Information

Highlighting the TriFLEX™ DTM Coating System

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