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Advanced Polymer Coatings® is proud to bring you our Gridlock Technology™, one of the most groundbreaking discoveries in coating history.

Powered by Gridlock™, APC's ChemLINE® and MarineLINE® coating systems outperform conventional tank lining technologies doubling and even tripling the service life of our coating systems, providing superior chemical resistance, unmatched permeability protection, and strong abrasion and impact resistance.


...what does that look like?

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A Novolac Epoxy Polymer and APC’s Proprietary Polymer in a normal, un-heat-cured state.
Notice the number of reactive sites each polymer contains.
The depiction represents a traditional Novolac/Phenolic Epoxy Polymer, compared to APC’s Gridlock Technology™-driven, high-functionality polymer that provides our ChemLINE® and MarineLINE® Coating Systems with unmatched chemical resistance.
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The Novolac Epoxy binds with curatives, creating the structure on the left, achieving low crosslink density, and leaving it open to chemical attack.
APC’s Gridlock Technology™ seeks out lower molecular weight reactive components and curatives to form the structure shown on the right achieving the industry’s highest crosslink density and closed screen structure which is impermeable to chemical attack.
GL 3
A magnified view of a Novolac Epoxy coating compared to APC’s Patented Polymer Coatings shows the crosslink density achieved through Gridlock Technologyat 250x and 1000x magnification.
The image on the right clearly shows that a higher crosslink density produces a lining that forms a virtually impermeable barrier for maximum substrate protection. Images courtesy of TUBITAK Research Facility in Ankara, Turkey.

Designed and engineered with high functional groups per molecule, our patented coatings form 3-dimensional, screen-like structures with up to 784 crosslinks when heat-cured. This surpasses epoxies that deliver only 2 functional groups with only 4 cross-links.

Our patented technology crosslinks through an ether (carbon-oxygen-carbon) linkage. This eliminates high concentrations of hydroxyl groups (found in epoxies) and precludes the formation of ester groups (found in vinyl esters) that are subject to hydrolysis and acid attack.

Gridlock logo copyThese characteristics not only afford a reduction in the overall cost of ownership but a dramatic decrease in the maintenance of your tank lining system, further proving ChemLINE® and MarineLINE® are truly one-of-a-kind products in the marketplace. 

...what that means for your operation


Driven by Gridlock Technology™, our family of ChemLINE® and MarineLINE® polymer coatings offer performance advantages unlike any other high-performance polymer manufacturers:

  • Versatility for asset optimization
  • Long performance lifespan
  • Faster, easier cleaning
  • Resistance to wear, abrasion, and impact
  • Long performance history
  • APC patented technology
  • Virtually non-permeable for assurance of product purity
  • Superior bond strength and adhesion
  • Ultra-smooth, glossy, low-energy surface

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