Triple Resin Technology DTM Coating System

TriFLEX™ is a revolutionary triple resin technology exterior DTM coating system integrating three distinct resin systems into one powerful solution. Developed with the industry's leading chemical companies, TriFLEX™ excels in UV/weatherability, mechanical properties, and chemical resistance, offering unparalleled flexibility, impact resistance, and superior protection against chemicals, UV rays, and weathering.

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V.O.C. Level/Gal. 162.5 grams/L (1.35 lbs./gal.)
Pot Life 1 hour @ 77°F (25°C)
Solids by Volume 83.9 %
Recommended Film Thickness (dry) mils average Steel: 6-8 mils (+/- 2 mils)

TriFLEX™'s Enhanced, Triple Resin Technology Means:

  • Enhanced Chemical Resistance
  • Enhanced UV Stability
  • Enhanced Weathering Resistance
  • Enhanced Flexibility
  • Enhanced Impact Resistance
  • Enhanced Dry Time and Return to Service

Product Highlights: 

  • Superior corrosion resistance, exceptional toughness
  • Superior bonding qualities
  • Applied to pitted and/or corroded steel
  • Ambient cure
  • Excellent UV resistance
  • High impact resistance
Rail Industry
Rail Tank Cars, Hopper Cars, and other Rolling Stock

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Triple Resin Technology

TriFLEX 3 in 1 Tech

TriFLEX™ integrates three distinct resin systems into a single, powerful coating solution, allowing users to experience the exceptional performance typically achieved with different coating systems.

With TriFLEX™, you get all the protection from the different coating systems you already know and trust, combined into one coating, sacrificing nothing.

This formulation delivers exceptional performance in harsh environments, providing outstanding weathering resistance to protect rail tank cars and hopper cars from the elements.

TriFLEX™'s triple technology resin means:

  • Higher chemical resistance
  • Higher toughness
  • Higher impact resistance
  • Enhanced Weatherability
  • Enhanced UV Stability
  • Enhanced Dry Time

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