Advanced Polymer Coatings News


SINGAPORE — Triton 3T, a division of Guaranteed Advanced Tank Technologies International, Ltd., is a newly formed independent company that will specialize in the spray application of MarineLine® high performance tank coatings.

Triton 3T is presenting its unique focus as the specialty spray applicator of MarineLine®, the cargo tanker lining system from Advanced Polymer Coatings, Ltd., (APC).

According to Mr. Douglas Robinson, President of Triton 3T, the market for MarineLine® continues to expand as more ship owners and chemical producers in the industry are seeing the many benefits of this versatile, high performance protective coating for handling hazardous cargos.

“For the coating to reach its peak effectiveness, it must be properly applied and then heat cured to exacting specifications,” says Mr. Robinson. “The strength of Triton 3T is having a team of trained application experts who only work with the MarineLine® coating. They know every facet of how this product should be sprayed, eliminating problems that inexperienced general coating subcontractors run into such as using incorrect solvents, old spray equipment, etc. With our experience and focus comes perfection, while problems can cause delays in the application process, leading to the need for re-blasting, re-sanding and additional re-coating. Also additional inspection time is then required for the reworked areas. These problems all add up to increased costs.”

The Triton 3T system, run by trained spray applicators, delivers a smooth and uniform MarineLine® finish. A key benefit for shipyards and ship owners is that the Triton 3T application cost is virtually equal to the cost from coating subcontractors, but the results are much better. Additionally, the ship owner will be provided with a 5-year insurance warranty to cover the performance of the coating.

“Ship owners will be able to specify directly to the ship yards that Triton 3T application crews must spray the MarineLine® coating, thus ensuring the work is performed adequately,” Mr. Robinson states.

The spray application work is closely monitored by MarineLine® inspectors at each step ensuring a consistent high quality finish. Heat curing is handled by the APC heat cure team. Following cure and final inspection, the ship is immediately ready for service.

Mr. Robinson says Triton 3T will employ the latest technology in spray equipment and that the application teams will go through a rigorous training regimen. Each Triton 3T crew will typically consist of one supervisor and five spray technicians. Team members will travel to shipbuilding or repair facilities worldwide or go onboard ships for MarineLine® application and repair work.

In addition to new ship construction, Triton 3T will also offer annual inspection and maintenance contracts for MarineLine®-coated ships for a total turn-key solution. Ship owners can have Triton 3T personnel provide maintenance on tank coatings as needed.

The Triton 3T operation is headquartered in Singapore. Mr. Robinson, company President, has more than 43 years experience in the marine industry, having served in a number of shipping, engineering and design positions, many with leading shipping companies.