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Triple Resin Formula • Nobel Prize Winning Technology • Exterior DTM Coating Solution

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To Protect Your Assets and Become A Market Leader, You Have To Have A Coating Powerful Enough To Handle Any Situation

But there’s a problem...

  • Your maintenance intervals are too frequent
  • Your current lining lifecycle is too short
  • Your fleet isn’t operating efficiently
  • Cleaning tanks quickly and properly is a challenge
  • Your current tank lining lacks versatility
  • Cargo purity is a concern

Perform like Stainless Steel for the Price of Carbon

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Avoid Operation Downtime - Reduce maintenance and inspection intervals with ChemLINE® and MarineLINE®.


Obtain Unmatched Resistance and Versatility - Maximize Your Performance and Carry More Cargoes.


Improve ROI - Experience Long Term Performance By Extending The Life of Your Assets.

Protecting chemical & product tankers on the high seas for Maritime

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A one coat, DTM exterior coating solution for Rolling Stock and more

Safeguarding containment areas for Power, Chemical, Industrial and Transportation

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Protect Your Assets and Relax

We understand the pressure that is involved in protecting your assets.

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Performance That Rivals Stainless Steel


Resistant To Thousands of Chemicals


#1 Coating Brand for Aggressive Chemicals

Stop Struggling To Protect Your Assets And Rest Assured With ChemLINE® & MarineLINE® by APC

Traditional coatings fall short when it comes to protecting your assets from aggressive chemicals. With ChemLINE® and MarineLINE® protecting your assets, you’ll have fewer maintenance intervals, lasting confidence, and increase operational uptime.

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