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Our Mission & Policies

At Advanced Polymer Coatings our mission is to provide you with innovative, value-added coatings to protect your assets while also increasing your Return on Investment (ROI). We do this through continuous improvement (Kaizen) to our manufacturing and new product development. Our knowledgeable and professional staff help educate and problem-solve for you and promptly deliver information, services and materials.

We operate our business of coating development and manufacturing efficiently, responsibly and profitably. We stay at the forefront of the industry by continuously improving our business through intellectual, technological and physical resources to achieve our mission of solving tomorrow’s coatings needs today. In all of our business dealings, our core values guide us: to deliver materials and services that are of the highest standards, to the benefit of you, the customer, and also our employees, shareholders, business partners, community and the environment.

Protection of our people and the environment is a core value of our company and we are proactive and progressive in our efforts to protect them. We've created a culture that empowers employees to drive this value into all of their operations and strive to achieve excellence in health, safety and environmental (HSE) performance.

Our Core Values

Customer Commitment

You are the reason we are in business and we will serve you to help solve your problems and meet your current and evolving needs.

Health, Safety & Environment

We value the health and safety of you and our employees as well as our community and the environment. We will work to continually improve our processes and products to protect everyone today in for the future.


We provide leading-edge products and outstanding customer service that, together, deliver premium value to you, our customers.


We continuously improve our systems and processes to improve quality, safety, properties and efficiency. We also take the individual responsibility to continuously improve each and every day to grow and learn personally and professionally.


We uphold the highest standards of integrity in all of our actions. We are personally responsible for delivering on our commitments.


We value the principle of collaboration and work together, across boundaries and countries, to meet your needs and help the company achieve its mission.

Servant Attitude

We value the principle of servant leadership. We not only serve our company and teammates; we also serve you, the community and the environment.

Respect For People

We value you, our people and the community and will treat them with respect at all times.

Family Atmosphere

We value the principle of a family atmosphere. We respect each other as we would our own family and work to create an environment of appreciation and acceptance.

Enjoyable Environment

We place great value on creating an enjoyable environment at work. We laugh and celebrate with one another, lift each other up, respect one another and refuse to take ourselves too seriously!

Headquarters Located in Avon, OH

APC is based in Avon, Ohio, USA close to the world’s leading polymer research centers and testing facilities.


Research & Development Lab

We perform tests and conduct analysis discussions in our lab 


Shipping Operations

Below are MarineLINE® containers (left), and an inside look at preparing MarineLINE® and ChemLINE® coatings for shipment. We ship our coating products worldwide.


ISO Certification

Advanced Polymer Coatings Receives ISO 9001:2015 Certification From ABS

APC - ISO 9001-2015 Certificate - 2024


“ISO certification is recognized throughout the world as a commitment to continuous improvement in all areas of operations," said Don Keehan, APC chairman. "Achieving ISO certification clearly illustrates our continuing high standards to produce quality products for our customers throughout the world. We are very pleased to earn this distinction.”

“The ISO process took us through eight quality management principles to guide us towards improved performance," added Darrin Keehan, APC vice president. "These involved: a focus on the customer, leadership within our organization, involving our people at all levels, managing our activities as a process, identifying, understanding and managing interrelated processes as a system to achieve objectives, working to continually improve our performance, using objective data to formulate effective decisions, and working closely with our suppliers to benefit all entities.”

MarineLINE TÜRKİYE (Marine LINE Coating SAN. IC VE DIS TIC. A. S.) Has Achieved ISO Certifications (August 02, 2021) in Three Categories





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