A Temperature Dissipating Polymer Coating with Resistant Finish

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About ChemLINE® TD Temperature Dissipating

ChemLINE® TD is a surface tolerant, temperature dissipating coating used to lower substrate temperatures and provide a very corrosion resistant finish.

  • ChemLINE® TD (Temparture Dissipating) is a specially formulated ChemLINE® coating that provides a temperature dissipating barrier to reduce high temperature surfaces.
  • ChemLINE® TD acts as a temperature dissipating coating along with outstanding chemical resistance.
  • Resistance to aggressive chemical vapor exposures, including strong acids, alkalis, gases and solvents.

Application Highlights

  • Minimum surface preparation
  • Can be applied directly to hot clean surface to 300°F (149°C)
  • Can be built up to 80 mils on a hot surface in multiple coats
  • Can be touched up after minor structural repairs
  • No primer required
  • Tough, durable, chemically resistant barrier
  • Under-insulation coating
  • Exterior ductwork and pipeline coating

Typical Properties

Stock Colors Off-White
V.O.C. Level/Gal. 17 grams/L (0.14 lbs./gal.)
Pot Life 120 minutes @ 75°F (24°C)
Viscosity Reduction Reduce with Toluene or Xylene
Solids by Volume 98%
Recommended Film Thickness (dry) mils average Steel: 30-80 mils (750-2000 microns)
Shelf Life 12 months

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Chemical Resistance Properties

ChemLINE® provides superior chemical resistance to a wide array of aggressive chemical products including concentrated organic and inorganic acids, caustics, solvents, oxidizers, and gases.

Temperature Thickness ∆T
250°F to 280°F (121°C to 138°C) 80 mils 80°F (44°C)
200°F to 250°F (93°C to 121°C) 60 mils 60°F (33°C)
150°F to 200°F (66°C to 93°C) 30 mils 50°F (28°C)

Above information is based on laboratory test. Individual test results may vary based on substrate and thickness.

A History of Performance

For more than a decade ChemLINE® coatings have withstood the tremendous stresses and extremes of chemical attack and abrasive wear. ChemLINE® has been proven worldwide under the most arduous operating conditions, from resisting the most aggressive chemicals to handling hot pipelines in sub-freezing temperatures, with a history of success. Based on this experience, the development of ChemLINE® represents a quantum leap in chemical resistant polymer coatings.

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