A Thick Set Patch with Superior Chemical Resistance and Exceptional Toughness


ChemLINE® TSP (Thick Set Patch) is a two (2) component 100% solid material manufactured with the same polymer as ChemLINE®. ChemLINE® TSP is supplied in complete small sized kits for quick and easy repairs of cracks and coving prior to application of ChemLINE® coating system.

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ChemLINE® TSP is a tough, chemical resistant material for concrete flooring and secondary containment applications. This product is used to fill cracks and coving, and serves as a material for coving uses. It is designed to be top coated with ChemLINE® coating system.


ChemLINE® TSP is packaged in 1-quart or 1-gallon units.


Shelf Life 12 months

Product Highlights

  • No volatiles released during cure
  • 100% solids
  • Resists thermal cycling
  • Service temperature resistance from -40°F to 212°F (-40°C to 100°C)
  • Outstanding chemical resistance
  • Easy to apply
  • Can be applied at horizontal thickness up to the 1” lift. Additional lifts can be applied after B-stage.

Data Sheets, Chemical Resistances, and Application Guides

ChemLINE® TSF Product Data Sheet (PDF)

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