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MarineLINE® and ChemLINE®

APC’s Patented Technology

Keep Your Assets Protected

Patented Technology and The Highest Cross Link Density

It’s formulated with a patented polymer, designed and engineered with high functional groups per molecule. When heat-cured, our patented coating forms 3-dimensional, screen-like structures with up to 784 cross-links. This far surpasses epoxies that only deliver 2 functional groups with only 4 cross-links.

Our patented technology cross-links through an ether (carbon-oxygen-carbon) linkage. This eliminates high concentrations of hydroxyl groups (found in epoxies) and precludes the formation of ester groups (found in vinyl esters) that are subject to hydrolysis and acid attack.


Our company was looking to complete our portfolio of high-performance coatings with a product that could withstand a wide array of hazardous chemicals. When we realized the excellent chemical resistance benefits that ChemLine® offered, we thought it would be an ideal solution for many of our customers in the chemical transport sector.
Peter Hüni
President of Hüni + Co.
We were getting inquiries from our customers about this unique coating. So we tested it, and then lined several OTRs and it performed well. Soon other companies wanted to start using it too.
Tom Myers
President of Universal Coatings Corporation (UCC)
Our fleet of 4 new tankers, all employing the latest technologies, represents the future of shipping. That includes the MarineLINE® cargo tank coating, with the best tank surface for easily switching cargoes.
Tryggve Möller
Managing Director, Terntank Ship Management AB
A well maintained MarineLINE® coating, with its very smooth surface, helps NST gain a quick turnaround in port, and provides effective cleaning from the wide range of products that we transport.
Niclas Kappelin
Managing Director, North Sea Tankers

Proven Performance

Reliable in Handling 5,000+ Chemicals

Our family of ChemLINE® and MarineLINE® polymer coatings offer performance advantages unlike any other high-performance polymer manufacturers:

  • Versatility for asset optimization
  • Long performance lifespan
  • Faster, easier cleaning
  • Resistance to wear, abrasion and impact
  • Long performance history
  • APC patented technology
  • Virtually non-permeable for assurance of product purity
  • Superior bond strength and adhesion
  • Ultra-smooth, glossy, low energy surface

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