Safely Handling Coatings

Safety Procedures for Handling MarineLINE® and ChemLINE® Polymer Coatings


A Commitment to Safety

Advanced Polymer Coatings is dedicated to providing high-quality polymer coating products for industrial applications. The same concern and pride that we exercise in our manufacturing are also extended to the “human element” of the coating operation – namely the application of APC’s coatings to various surfaces.

Advanced Polymer Coatings believes in fully protecting the people who apply these coatings. We strongly recommend closely following the procedures shown in this safety brochure, including the use of personal protective equipment (PPE). This will help to ensure everyone's safety. Please contact our application engineers for any additional questions you may have regarding the application and safety procedures for our coatings.

Safety Procedures


1. Put on full body Saranex1 suit.
Note: Remove the hood portion of the suit, as this is not required


2. Put air hose belt for air hood2 over Saranex suit to fit


3. Insert air hose into air hood cape2


4. Put on air hood cape2 and tape cape to shirt to prevent from sliding up


5. Connect purified air line to hood supply line
Note: Hood supply line must be supplied with vortex cooling assembly – adjust as required


6. Complete dressing by putting Saranex suit over air hood cape


7. Put solvent resistant gloves3 on over Saranex suit. Seal gloves to suit by taping them to the suit


8. Zipper and seal suit


9. Being fully suited, with air being supplied across the head, down the face into the suit, increases worker comfort and safety. The suit is also fully pressurized in preventing any outside contamination from entering.
Note: Additional plastic boots are recommended to cover Saranex boots when entering the tank to keep the surface from getting contaminated.


  1. Saranex® Coverall (Lab Safety Supply)
  2. 3M Breathe-Easy 10 Air Supplied Hood and Cape (Lab Safety Supply)
  3. Silver Shield Protective Gloves (Lab Safety Supply)

Safety Precautions

Safely Handling MarineLINE® and ChemLINE® Coatings

Note: These products can cause skin irritation.

Use the following procedures while handling these products:

  1. Ventilate tank at all times when spraying
  2. Apply skin lotion containing lanolin to hands, arms, and face prior to working with coating
  3. Wear protective clothing
  4. When mixing, prepping or repairing, wear rubber gloves, protective overalls, chemical goggles, and gas/vapor purifying respirator
  5. When spraying, wear rubber gloves, protective overalls, plastic boots, protective hood and full face positive air pressure mask. Tape closed all openings

Important: Do not wash skin with a solvent to clean coating off. Use soap and water only! Reapply skin lotion after washing. If you irritate skin (reddening), use Cortizone cream or Beta-Val cream (Betamethasone Valerate 0.1%). Keep away from solvents until healed.

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