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Advanced Polymer Coatings at Nor-Shipping 2017

The MarineLine® cargo tank coating from Advanced Polymer Coatings, which will be on display in Oslo, Norway at Nor-Shipping 2017, delivers on the promise of easier cleaning efficiencies.

MarineLine® is used on more than 700 chemical and product tankers worldwide. The coating’s unique polymer formulation handles IMO-approved cargoes including aggressive chemicals, CPPs, edible oils and many others.

MarineLine® technology is based on a tightly knit, crosslinked polymer structure that creates a nearly impermeable barrier and resists chemical attack. The extremely smooth, hard, slick surface of MarineLine® is a key benefit, making cleaning easy. No extensive cleaning chemicals are needed to wash MarineLine® versus other types of coatings and stainless steel, allowing tanks to dry faster. Less fuel consumption is required for cleaning equipment because the process is much simpler, thus lowering emissions. A quick cleaning means tankers can get back into service to maximise their usage, leading to enhanced return on investment.