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Issue 02
Greater Versatility = Higher Trading Profit
Ship owners strive to generate higher profits by getting a high Return on Investment (ROI). A key decision for owners of maritime chemical and product tankers is to choose the right cargo tank coating that offers the greatest sequencing possibilities and opportunity to carry higher specification cargoes.
shipMarineLine® 784 from Advanced Polymer Coatings provides this solution. On the following chart, view some of the most carried chemicals on the high seas today, and compare the chemical resistance differences of MarineLine® 784 versus Phenol Epoxy. It is evident MarineLine® 784 offers much greater versatility and performance, allowing shipowners to carry a wide range CPPs, PFADs, Biofuels, Methanol, and other products, then switch cargoes on their next voyages.
Key cargoes show MarineLine® 784 offers much greater versatility and performance capability vs. phenol epoxy.
Performance Study

For the complete MarineLine® 784 Chemical Resistance Guide with thousands of chemicals listed, contact Advanced Polymer Coatings for your free copy, or visit the APC website to view a PDF.

For more information on the MarineLine® 784 cargo tank coating system, contact your MarineLine® representative today.