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Profitable Tanker News about Marine Cargo Tank Coatings
Issue 03
1st in a 3-Part Series on...
Taking Care of Your Cargo Tank Coating
Advanced Polymer Coatings (APC) is going to use the next three issues of ‘Profitable Tanker’ to review shipthe most important asset of chemical and product tankers — the cargo tanks. APC is the manufacturer of the unique polymer-based MarineLine® 784 tank coating system, used on more than 500 tankers worldwide, so that is where we will focus our discussion. But no matter what cargo tank coating or material is used, taking care of your tanks should provide many years of profitable tanker operations. On the other hand, neglecting or not properly maintaining the tanks, will lead to premature failure and sometimes costly repairs.


The correct application of MarineLine® 784 is the first part to ensure a long service life for the coating. APC sets out stringent quality assurance procedures that it expects shipyards to follow for the tank coating application. APC’s MarineLine Coating Advisors work closely with shipyards to recommend proper surface preparation, professional spray application of the two-coat lining, and close monitoring of heat curing, and quality inspection. APC’s 6-Step Application sets the benchmark for the industry, and is presented here with accompanying illustrative photos. Each step also presents what is reviewed during that phase of operation.

Step 1 Step 2

Step 3 Step 4

Step 5 Step 6

APC’s MarineLine® 784 has set the highest standards in the market with regards to heat curing and spark testing the tank surface. Heat curing enables the coating to fully cross-link so that it becomes virtually impermeable. Spark testing ensures that the cargo tank is coated properly without any voids.

After proper application and curing, the ship can leave the yard and immediately load a full range of approved liquids including aggressive cargoes. The tank coating will be very smooth and easy to clean. In addition, the coating should be easy to repair with a simple repair kit should any mechanical damage occur during the normal course of operations. We will cover both of those parts, ‘cleaning’ and ‘maintenance’ in future issues.

Step-by-Step ApplicationIf you have more questions on the importance of the application procedure as part of your overall cargo tank program, contact your Advanced Polymer Coatings’ representative to see why MarineLine® 784 is unique in the maritime industry or visit the APC website to see a more expanded version of the Step-by-Step Application for MarineLine® 784.