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Profitable Tanker News about Marine Cargo Tank Coatings
Issue 08
Use MarineMend Kits for Coating Touch-Ups

MarineMend Surface PrepTaking care of your MarineLine® cargo tank coating has been the topic of several issues of the ‘Profitable Tanker’ ebulletin. Advanced Polymer Coatings has listed the many positives of being proactive in this maintenance, and also shown examples where inactivity has been costly. In this issue, we show you ‘how’ to take care of minor MarineLine® coating repairs with MarineMend.


MarineMend is a repair system kit and procedure for maritime cargo tanks coated with MarineLine®. The need for MarineMend came about several years ago as shipowners and operators asked APC for a quick-fix system for spot repairs where minor touch-ups were needed such as small rust areas from mechanical damage, or areas where the coating was misapplied, damaged or it showed holidays/pinholes. The system was originally developed by APC as an easy brush-on application.


MarineMend Repair KitAlthough the Brush-On system works well, applicators asked for an even easier version to quickly cover needed repair areas. APC has now developed an alternate application system – a Spray-On version – so customers have a choice on what approach they want to take. Both versions are included in each MarineMend kit that contains:

3 Jars MarineMend Part A
3 Bottles MarineMend Part B
1 Preval Spray Gun Unit
1 Preval Spray Gun Handle
Mixing Sticks
Protective Solvent Resistant Gloves

NOTE: Be sure to mix MarineMend Part A with MarineMend Part B prior to spraying or brushing. For spray application only, add Methanol (preferred) or Toluene to Part B bottle prior to mixing.


There are a number of easy procedures to complete to ensure a successful MarineMend application. APC has prepared the MarineMend Brochure that shows the necessary tools needed and the basic steps required. In brief, here is a quick overview of what is in the MarineMend brochure:

STep 1
This step talks about safety planning, and then prepping the surface to achieve a near SA 2.5 with average 65 micron surface profile.

Step 2
Now the process moves to masking off the area to be repaired and sanding the top of the MarineLine® coating to near white metal with feathered edges so no loose or sharp edges are observable.

Step 3
Next, instructions are provided if mixing for ‘Brush-On’ or ‘Spray-On’ application and how to prepare the MarineMend coating.

Step 4
With all surface preparation completed, the MarineMend can now be applied to a wet film thickness of 160 to 180 microns. Note that the pot life of MarineMend (once mixed) is 45 minutes maximum @ 20°-25° C. Allow first coat to B-stage with good ventilation until coating has tacked up but released all solvent. If spraying, instruction is provided on how to use the Preval® Portable Professional Sprayer.


Step 5
Apply this MarineMend top coat to a thickness of 160 to 180 microns with a final DFT of approximately 300 microns. Closeup of MarineMend repairs shown here.

Step 6
This explains at what temperatures to cure the MarineMend coating. Additionally, technical specifications are provided on shelf life, pot life, surface preparation, drying and curing.

Visit the APC MarineMend Website Page for complete details. To obtain MarineMend repair kits, contact your Advanced Polymer Coatings’ representative.

Download the MarineMend Brochure