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Issue 11
Industry Tanker Trends Emerge from DONSO 2013 Maritime Event

DSM13In September 2013, Advanced Polymer Coatings attended and exhibited at the DSM 13 - Donsö Shipping Meet in Donsö, Sweden. At the event, APC representatives met one-on-one with shipowners and tanker operators from Sweden, Norway, and Denmark to talk directly about their expectations for the MarineLine® 784 cargo tank coating system and for the overall tanker shipping industry for the next few years. This issue of ‘Profitable Tanker’ provides a report from our meetings.

For those of you who have not attended this popular maritime meeting on the small island of Donsö, we recommend that you consider this in your future plans in 2015 if possible.

Industry Trend 1

Why MarineLine® is the Industry’s Preferred Cargo Tank Lining

MarineLineMost chemical tanker owners that APC spoke with at Donsö are standardizing on MarineLine® 784 for their fleets. In fact, these shipowners are actively looking to buy existing MarineLine®-coated chemical tankers to add to their fleets. And if specific existing vessels are not available, some owners are looking to place orders for new vessels with the MarineLine® cargo tank lining. Charterers are also now readily accepting MarineLine® and in some cases are specifically looking for these vessels.

When asked the number one reason why MarineLine® is becoming the standard and the answer is VERSATILITY. MarineLine® has the ability to carry many special and profitable cargoes that phenolic epoxy coated tanks cannot handle or that have severe restrictions on carriage and cleaning. Phenolic epoxy coated tanks reduce profit opportunity by depriving the operator of lucrative carriage contracts due to limited service, and by incurring lengthy cleaning after carrying certain cargoes.

MarineLine's has ability to carry a wide variety of cargoes.

MarineLine® on the other hand generates additional profit, with the flexibility to handle virtually all IMO approved cargoes while providing superior resistance to acids, alkalis and solvents. Shipowners tell us it is their preferred solution for providing the most sequencing options.

Industry Trend 2

“How Can I Increase My Return on Investment Through Better On-Board Operations?”

This is a question that Advanced Polymer Coatings hears often from shipowners and operators. You want to know how to best to take care of and maintain MarineLine® coating so it provides many years of profitable service. There are a number of ways.

Always make sure the chemical cargoes you wish to carry matches up with the MarineLine® Chemical Resistance Guide at the listed temperatures. You can access this guide by viewing this at the APC website. The MarineLine® Chemical Resistance Guide also includes notes on carriage and cleaning of certain cargoes, such as Methanol.

Ensure cleaning is done properly and thoroughly according to industry standards. The MarineLine® cargo tank coating has a very slick surface, thus it cleans easily with minimal effort and few chemicals.

FMarineMendinally, have your crew regularly inspect the MarineLine® tank coating to monitor any mechanical or damage that may have occurred. Repair minor spots quickly to avoid larger problems. APC offers the MarineMend repair kit, which can be easily applied and cured.

Annually, ask for an APC inspector to check the coating. This is not always easy as the ships are constantly in use, but plan in advance for an APC inspector to check the lining each year. This diligence will pay dividends by ensuring your tank coating is being properly maintained.

Industry Trend 3

ShipWhere is the Chemical & Product Tanker Industry Headed?

It is difficult to predict what will happen, but current trends and comments from chemical and product tanker owners show an upswing for MarineLine®-coated vessels. Orders and negotiations for both chemical and product tankers are in the process now for 2014 and beyond, while existing MarineLine®-coated ships are being sought to bolster and add to existing fleets. Additionally, ships that have limited-service linings such as phenolic epoxy and zinc coatings are being refurbished and upgraded with MarineLine® to increase cargo carrying flexibility. These are not only the opinions of the shipowners that APC met with at DSM 13 in Donsö, but also that of a leading ship broker.

We hope this report from Donsö has been informative. If you would like to discuss your tanker fleet’s cargo tank coatings and how MarineLine® can give you an edge, contact your APC representative today.