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Issue 14
New ‘MarineLine® After Sales Service’ (MASS) Helps Monitor Tank Coatings

MarineLine LogoAdvanced Polymer Coatings is making a bold statement in 2014. “APC wants to go beyond just providing the innovative MarineLine cargo tank coating for chemical and product tankers. We want to show shipowners and operators how to properly care for and maintain their MarineLine cargo tank coating in order to provide many years of profitable service through a new after sales service program.”

APC has added to its management team the long-time industry shipping veteran, Janis Brunavs to direct the new division ‘MarineLine After Sales Service’ (MASS). Janis has a long history with the MarineLine coating system. Latvian Shipping, where Janis was Technical Director at the time, was the first company to fully coat a vessel with MarineLine. He is very familiar with all aspects of MarineLine, and has much experience to share with today’s ship owners and operators about their MarineLine cargo tanks.

Janis Brunavs

Janis lives with his family in Riga, Latvia. He started his life at sea at age 16. In the more than 40-plus years that followed in the maritime industry he has worked as a: ship’s engineering officer onboard tankers; Director of a ship management company with 56 chemical, product and LPG tankers; administrator and teacher at a Maritime Academy; and a consultant on ship husbandry, technical maintenance, management and chemical laboratory services, and in other positions. He is a member of a number of class organizations including Bureau Veritas, Lloyds Register, and American Bureau of Shipping (Northern Europe regional committee member from 1998-2004). He received his Doctor of Technical Services degree from Riga Technical University. APC/MarineLine welcomes Janis and his expertise to our growing team.

What is ‘MarineLine After Sales Service’?

APC has launched ‘MarineLine After Sales Service’ (MASS) to become a partner with our customers in the care of their MarineLine cargo tank coating. Primarily, MASS allows APC/MarineLine to stay in contact with shipowners and operators and communicate on a regular basis regarding a number of key areas over the life of the vessel:

  • Present the importance of regular On Board Inspections (OBI) and monitoring of the coating,
  • Answer questions on tank cleaning, sequencing of cargoes, and carriage of various chemicals and liquids, including those not listed in the MarineLine Chemical Resistance Guide,
  • Explain about ongoing care, maintenance and making small repairs using the MarineMend Repair Kit,
  • Provide interaction among various departments at APC to solve customer needs, and
  • Introduce new technologies and developments at APC/MarineLine.

On Board InspectionDuring an On Board Inspection, APC’s professional inspectors will check the MarineLine coating condition of all cargo tanks and review your service history of the coating. APC will then report the findings back to you with recommendations as needed.

Why take care of your MarineLine coating?

Taking care of your cargo tank coatings should provide many years of profitable tanker operations. On the other hand, neglecting or not properly maintaining the tanks, will lead to premature failure and sometimes, extensive repairs. Allow APC to be your partner in keeping your tanks in peak operating efficiency.

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Janis Brunavs can be reached via:
Direct Phone (Mobile): +371 29204774
Skype: Janisbrunavs