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Issue 15
How The MarineLine® Cargo Tank Coating Can Save You Money, and Also Make You Money

A Little Tanker History
Looking back through shipping history, the book ‘Norwegian Shipping’ (Horn Publishing, Oslo, Norway) says “Probably the most important development of the late 19th century was the creation of the first “tanker” by Evan Tollefsen of Nøtterøy. As American oilfields began springing up, Norwegians were active in trading to Europe, a growing market for petroleum thanks to the industrial revolution and the booming production of gaslights, stoves and steam engines in need of lubrication. This illustration is typical style of a barque (bark) ship.Barrels, casks and cans were inadequate for the inflammable petroleum cargoes. Many had toyed with the idea of carrying fluids by ship; but it is captain Tollefsen who has been credited with finding a practical solution by refitting the barque Lindesnæs as a bulk tanker in 1887 for shipowner Gustav Hansen, who used the vessel to transport oil under charter to a French Company.”

Staying Profitable

So even though technology has changed through the years, the concept of profitably carrying bulk cargoes in tankers has stayed consistent. At the very well-attended SMM 2014 trade fair last month in Hamburg, Germany, many shipowners, operators, and suppliers came together to discuss the newest developments, with PROFIT as the primary motive driving shipowner and operator decisions regarding their tanker fleets.

Profit comes from either A) cutting back or eliminating operational expenses for added savings, or B) maximizing income.
Saving On Operational Costs with MarineLine®

Patented MarineLine® polymer coating has a low surface energy, ultra smooth finish that is virtually impermeable. This surface is ideal for fast and easy cleaning, which is a major request from ship operators who want to discharge, quickly pass inspection, and get ready for the next cargo. MarineLine® also eliminates the need for extensive cleaning chemicals and long ventilation times, additional factors that can cause down time and added costs. MarineLine® is a favourite among many shipowners, having provided many years of profitable tanker operations.

Maximizing Income with MarineLine®

That’s the primary point that Advanced Polymer Coatings and its MarineLine® system present. More shipowners should closely study the economics of their cargo tanks. APC points out to its customers that MarineLine® offers the greatest versatility of any cargo tank coating on the market today. This translates into being able to carry all IMO approved cargoes, without all the extensive restrictions that other coatings must defer to. So the opportunity to continually keep the vessel at top capacity using all or most of its cargo tanks maximizes profits as sequencing is much easier. And this includes the ability to charge higher chartering rates for more aggressive cargoes.

What One Tanker Owner Believes

KatelinaAdditional income. Costs savings. One owner talks about his company’s commitment to MarineLine® in the June/July 2014 issue of the industry trade magazine, Tanker Shipping & Trade. The article, titled “The ‘Mercedes’ of small product/chemical tankers” presents South End Tanker Management’s purchase of several 8,000 dwt ice-class product/chemical tankers that were acquired because of an order cancellation from another owner. One of the vessels, the ‘Orabothnia’ was 95% complete when taken over, but the other vessel, the ‘Katelina’ was only 75% completed, allowing South End Tanker to make several changes. According to South End Tanker owner, Mr. Ebel Slobben, “We applied MarineLine®, our favourite coating, and also introduced amendments to support easier tank cleaning.” The ‘Katelina’ is expected to trade in Europe, predominately carrying easy chemicals, vegetable oils, molasses and caustic soda.

We thank our shipowner and operator clients for sharing their successes. If you too would like to gain a better understanding of how MarineLine® coatings can save you money, and make you money, contact your APC representative.