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Issue 26
MarineLine® Delivers Enhanced Return on Investment versus Conventional Phenol Epoxy Coatings

When looking at a side by side comparison of the return of investment of a ship’s cargo tank coating, it is evident that the MarineLine® system delivers a much higher and faster rate of return of the total applied cost of the coating.

In this chart, we compare MarineLine® versus Phenol Epoxy coatings. Within just a few months after application, MarineLine® already starts to exceed its initial cost by returning additional return on investment. Within five years, MarineLine® provides 350% additional return on the initial coatings investment, a number that keeps climbing even after that period.


This 5-year comparison of the MarineLine® coating system versus Phenol Epoxy coatings shows the tremendous difference in Return On Investment.

Cargo tank coating 
additional return on investment (ROI) comparison

Notes: Chart calculations based on this data, accumulated from a number of tanker shipowners.

25,000 DWT Tanker, 16 tanks, 20,000 sq meters of coated surface
Nine (9) voyages per year @ $20,000 USD per day

Additional ROI earnings from MarineLine® based on these calculated operational savings:
Three (3) less cleaning days per voyage than Phenol Epoxy (27 more sailing days)
50% less cleaning chemicals used
50% less slops
MarineLine® cargo tank coating is fully cured when leaving the shipyard, so additional income is earned as MarineLine® can immediately carry all cargoes on the MarineLine® resistance list.

This comparison shows MarineLine® delivers a much higher ROI over time than conventional tank coatings.

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Is it any wonder smart shipowners choose MarineLine®? Shipowners realize that MarineLine® provides the functional corrosion resistance capabilities needed to protect their vessels, but also that MarineLine® is a cash-generating coating that greatly enhances return on investment faster than any other cargo tank coating on the market.

Contact your APC MarineLine® representative for an analysis of your potentional additional return on investment.

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